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Answering that question consumed a snificant part of the 2012 Nissan GT-R’s press launch in California in January.

Nissan Gtr Manual Transmission 2012 -

Nissan claims this latest version can, but it wasn’t able to prove it, despite several attempts. So, in entomological terms, it was about three beats of a bee’s wing slow, a glaring gap between claim and reality.

<strong>Nissan</strong> GT-R Test – Review – Car and

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Nissan’s man said it was because the track surface was cold that day. Well, we can now confirm that Nissan isn’t full of it.

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In fact, it did it twice before the clutch got hot and 10ths of a second started to pile on. After four launches, the computer requires a 1.5-mile cool-down cruise before it would allow the execution of any more launch-control starts.

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