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DIY: vehicle speed sensor cleaning/replacement I recently took apart the entire interior for some deep cleaning and upon full reassemble, I wanted to take my Solara out for a spin.

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Less than a mile from my house, the speedometer dips suddenly and (BAM!!! Frustrated, I pulled over, popped off the positive battery lead and waited for a few minutes.

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Reconnected to the battery term and started her upcheck engine lht gone.

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Take a fast left turn and the transmission down shifts into first (like I was goosing it), then pops up into second, then quickly into third all while the speedometer dips and jumps for a few seconds. At cruising speed (40 mph), I could punch it, have it kick down and then, party over, CEL on, speedometer going crazy, and aberrant shifting. Even on slow takeoff from a stop, the engine would wind out to 3krpm from first to second and second to third, but bog down and shift too early into the hh gears.

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