Hp laserjet 6p service manual download

Service Manual HP LaserJet 2100

I have an HP Laserjet 6p that was on its way out to the dumpster when I rescued it.

Manuals for HP LaserJet 6p/mp Printer series - HP

The person throwing it out couldn't tell me any specifics other than it just "quit working".

<i>Manuals</i> for HP <i>LaserJet</i> 6p/mp Printer series - HP

HP LaserJet 5L and 6L Printer Service Manual,

I know that sometimes when the lhts flash on printers, you can reset those "maintenance requests", and the printer will work again.

HP LaserJet Service Manuals

Anyway, when I turn it on, the amber colored error lht is the only lht lit.

Hp laserjet 6p service manual download:

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