Manual transmission shifting gears

Driving a Manual Transmission

Gently blip the throttle pedal and then release it.

Get the most out of your car How to drive a manual

At this point, the shifter should slip easily out of gear and into neutral.

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How To Drive a Stick Shift Car A Visual Guide

Part of the reason we want to save manual transmissions is because they’re fun to operate. First start the engine and then “bump” the car up to speed by pushing the shifter toward first gear.

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Let’s say, for example, that the connection between the third pedal and the clutch fails, keeping the clutch engaged. Even if the clutch won’t disengage, push the pedal to activate the switch, which lets the starter crank the engine when you turn the key. Once the road speed is sufficient to aln with that required of first gear at the engine’s idle speed, the shifter will slide into place, and you’re on your way.

Manual transmission shifting gears:

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